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Boysen Permacoat Gloss White Latex Paint B-710, 4L

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Permacoat™ is a 100% acrylic latex paint with excellent hiding, durability and dirt pick – up resistance. It finishes painting jobs in less coats, yet
lasts longer than other brands allowing you to save a lot on time, effort, worry and money.
COVERAGE: 25 to 30 square meters per 4 liters per coat
DRYING TIME: 1-2 hours
APPLICATION: paint brush, roller, or airless spray
THINNING: Use as supplied. If necessary, thin with not more than ½ liter of clean water per 4-liter can.
TINTING: Use only BOYSEN® Latex Colors to achieve pastel shades. Factory premixed colors is recommended especially when preparing darker shades.

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